Nous construisons autant des relations que des bâtiments


ITU, Genève (GE) avec C.F.Møller Architects: 2ème prix

Maître d'ouvrage


The architectural concept represents itself through a series of crystalline cubes encompassing a diverse range of floor plates and vertical connections, enabling the simultaneous perception of different activities through reflection and transparency 24/7.The ground floor occupies the full footprint of the site facing Rue De Varembé, and utilizes the terrain difference between the park and the street, for distributing all the common facilities, such as the auditoriums, the canteen and meeting spaces. The flow consists of a central inner street, running the full length of the site with a series of sculptural stairways giving the vertical connection between the floors. Above the ground floor each office floor is divided into a number of distinct trapeze-shaped zones, which constitute office space and meeting areas. The trapeze shaped units are defined by a fully glazed envelope and linked into one and another, defining an interlooping pattern – creating endless possibilities for departments and offices to expand and connect in a seamless loop across floor spaces, ensuring that the building and its workspaces will stay flexible for years to come.
Within the office areas, the corridors will expand into local discussion bays with chairs, tables and writing boards. This option will allow an interactive communication/ exchange with the building users, locally and worldwide.